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Demon's Den

Tara, Cole, and Ren, three friends, who grew up together and were forced apart by their different magical classifications, find themselves in a rare situation of working together for a daunting task.

Tara is a Class One Element Bender.

Cole has inhuman strength.

Ren has unnatural speed.

They have proven to be the most skilled in their separate disciplines, so when people start to go missing again, the Tri-Council bids them to come together and enter the Demon's Den Mountain. Charged with slaying the creature in the depths, the trio isn’t sure if they can trust each other anymore.

Can they put aside their differences and unite for a common goal? Or will the mountain devour them whole?

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Nichelle Rae is an epic and urban fantasy author hailing from Massachusetts. Her novels have been praised for having tangible characters, a great sense of pace, and exciting action scenes.
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