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About Nichelle

Nichelle Rae Author Nichelle Rae has an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. The goal was to become a juvenile corrections officer, but she realized her true passion lay with writing novels.

Her love for writing began when she was fourteen with fun short stories, but those very quickly evolved into novels. Her first book series, The White Warrior series, took two years to write by hand. The twenty seven notebooks containing the series collected dust for a while, until friends urged her to publish. She hasn’t regretted the decision since.

Through the years she has gotten much praise from fans, peers, professors, and professional authors she’s had a chance to work with. She has a great feel for pace, especially during her exciting action scenes, and her main characters tend to be strong female warriors with some kind of darkness to slay; personally, figuratively and literally.

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